DuraLife Starborn® Pro Plugs

The Best Way to Hide Screws and Blend Colors.

Starborn Pro Plug System

Perfect for Stair Treads, Edge Boards, and Benches.

The best way to hide and blend colors when using a traditional face-screw installation method. Perfect for Starter profile boards and stair treads. Starborn Pro Plug Hidden Fastening system is designed for traditional capped composite deck surfaces and includes eight standard colors that perfectly match DuraLife decking boards.

Installs in Three Easy Steps

Starborn Pro Plugs installation step 1 - Drill
Starborn Pro Plugs installation step 2 - Set
Starborn Pro Plugs installation step 4 - Plug
Starborn Pro Plugs installation step 4 - Done

Starborn Color Matched Screw System

A plug-less system with color matched screws to allow for an easy install.

The Starborn Color Matched Screw System provides a quick and easy face-screw installation method. We are also offering a depth setter tool to assist in setting all the installed screws at the same depth in your deck boards. Available for all decking colors as well as for fascia boards. Available for fascia is a pre-drilling tool which creates an oversize hole for the fascia screw, so the fascia board hangs from the screw and can expand and contract without putting a large amount of force on the fastener.

Starborn composite decking screws
Starborn composite decking screws

DuraLife Compatible

Choose the deck profile to achieve the finished look you desire. Select from our Siesta or Starter Collections for performance and price.