3 reasons to add railings to your deck


A deck is a great addition to your home. It gives you a place to spend those sunny days without having to sit in the grass and offers you a spot to relax in. However, those decks can be even better with railings that complement the overall look of the space.. They'll provide you with countless benefits to improve the overall feel and look of your home.

"Home owners recoup 74 percent of their deck funds if they decide to sell."

1. Added value
If you ever decide to sell your home, the projects you do around the house may add value to your house. When people shop for new houses, they look for the buildings that already have the features they want. This could be a big yard, a garden, eco-friendly appliances or hardwood floors. However, this also goes for the deck. According to Remodeling magazine's "2015 Cost vs. Value Report," home owners who add a wood or composite deck recoup approximately 74 percent of the funds they spent on the project if they sell their houses.

A deck serves as an expansion of the home, which means it will add to the value of it. However, a complete deck will be worth much more than one without a railing. It offers many benefits, such as safety and aesthetic appeal, that a flat surface alone could not, and that will appeal to home buyers.

2. Safety
As beneficial as decks are to spending time outside and hosting gatherings, they can also be safety hazards if not enclosed properly. They are generally raised off the ground, which means it can be easy to fall off if you're not paying attention. Kids are even more accident prone than adults, so if you have children, you'll need to keep an eye on them, especially if that deck surrounds a pool.

Many of these problems can be solved by installing a railing, which will create a barrier to add to the safety of the infrastructure. You won't have to worry about paying attention to where you're going or if your kids are running around. Railings will prevent you from falling off the deck or into the pool. Cities and organizations have standards for construction, which are written with safety in mind. Capped composite railings are also resistant to mold and mildew, and will provide that extra security you need.

[Media ID ]Railings add to the safety of the deck to ensure people don't get hurt. Image courtesy of DuraLife Decking.

3. Aesthetics
Railings aren't only added to meet codes and increase safety. They can also add to the overall atmosphere of both the deck and the yard. You'll have a multitude of colors to choose from that can complement your house's scheme and create the tone you want to set. It's easy to mix and match the color of your railing to your own design preference. Your railing can also be customized to fit the look you want. You can stick with a traditional feel by keeping them as is, or you can go in a more modern direction by adding third party glass panels or metal balusters between posts.

A deck without a railing may just seem like a patio that you occasionally frequent. By enclosing the area with a capped composite railing, your deck will be an expansion of your house. You'll be able to set it up just as you would the interior of your home to ensure your theme continues throughout your space. Add a picnic table or lounge chairs to create a comfortable room. You can also set up lighting or hang plants off of the railing to make it cozier.

To learn more about how a railing can improve your deck, request a sample of composite materials from DuraLife Decking.