Hot tubs and composite decks: A match made for the cold season


Admit it - there's really nothing better than carefully stepping into a piping hot Jacuzzi on a chilly evening in fall or winter, when you can see your breath and your spa-side beverage stays nice and refreshing. As the weather gets colder, now is actually a perfect time to build or modify your composite deck to accommodate a new hot tub.

3 reasons why hot tubs and composite decks are awesome

Need a little extra motivation to kick off your new hot tub and deck combination? Look no further:

1. Your deck will become the destination
No matter what your plans look like, you'll want to find a reason to include a dip in the hot tub at some point. For a night in, it's the perfect escape, while nights out can always end out on the deck as a way to decompress. If you're either type, friends and family will always be happy to receive an invitation. Better yet, be a good host and keep a few spare swimsuits on hand, just in case.

"Be a good host and keep a few spare swimsuits on hand."

2. Winter is the perfect time to warm up
Decking projects might not seem like a logical choice for a winter undertaking, but there is no reason why you can't make the most out of the cold weather. Installing the structure isn't really a huge problem, provided the ground isn't covered in snow or ice - but even then, it doesn't take a tremendous effort to clear space and install the posts. In fact, plenty of construction teams will have no trouble putting your deck into position over the winter. As for the hot tub, fall and winter are the times to take advantage - it can be too hot in the summer to want to dip your feet into hot water. Instead, get your deck built now - hot tub and all - and use it to warm up this winter.

3. Enjoy the great outdoors
When you have a deck as it is, it's perfect for when the weather is mild and warm. But when it's cold, it gets a lot harder to enjoy that space. When you include a hot tub or Jacuzzi, suddenly that deck is open to you year-round. If you like to enjoy the outdoors, you'll get the opportunity to spend time outside even in the coldest months when you can stay comfortable in the hot tub - and still catch a view of the stars.

Composite decking is the perfect material

When you decide to begin this kind of project, it's important to understand your options for decking. Capped composite decking is far away the best idea for a deck supporting a hot tub - and here are a few reasons why:

  • Better thermal resistance prevents expansion and contraction during seasonal changes, ensuring the Jacuzzi will remain secure and stable over time.
  • Excellent traction helps prevent slipping and falling, especially as water splashes from the hot tub onto the deck surface.
  • A variety of color options can create a visually appealing area and match the color of the hot tub.
Need to match your deck to your hot tub? Check our samples.Need to match your deck to your hot tub? Check our samples.