4 Time-Saving Composite Deck Construction Tips


As a professional contractor, you know how critical it is to work quickly and efficiently in order to make the most of the short outdoor construction season. This is especially true for deck builders trying to get in as many new composite decks as possible before the ground freezes. Make your crew more efficient at installing composite decks for homeowners using these 4 tips. 

1. Subcontract – When constructing a new composite deck, there are some activities that require a keen eye and a steady hand to be done right. Maximize the time of skilled workers by partnering with a reliable subcontractor to handle less skilled aspects of the project, such as demolition, excavation and site prep. Not only will a subcontractor have the workforce on hand to get the job done, they’ll have access to right equipment to get it done faster, too.

2. Communicate – The cornerstone of any effective team effort begins with good communication. Whether it’s having a morning meeting at the job site to go over the days’ work schedule, assignments and expectations, or creating a booklet of standard operating procedures that outlines exactly how each step on the project should be carried out, communicating with your team is a crucial step, and it’s one that some businesses overlook. People accomplish more when they feel like they are “in the loop” and part of the process. Consistent communication can make the difference in creating a workplace environment where people will actually want to do well.

3. Audit and Adapt – You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Composite deck construction isn’t Rocket Science, but like any process, there are good, better and best practices to follow. Without first tracking how your firm moves through each stage of the quote, design, construct and billing process, it can be difficult to identify which time or cost saving actions are most appropriate for your business. Post-project critiques of what went well (and what didn’t) can lead to better outcomes on the next project.

4. Keep it Simple – Each season, new materials, tools and accessories are introduced to help save home builders, remodelers and contractors time, energy and money. While not every new gadget or gizmo will necessarily work for every deck builder, decking manufactures such as Duralife™ are constantly working to improve both the performance and installation process of their composite decking products. For example, DuraLife’s unique Step-Clip™ hidden fastener system makes deck installation faster and easier for deck builders. It also creates a uniformly clean, stable decking surface that homeowners love.

Using the Step Clip system reduces the time needed to install the Duralife composite decking by 50% because it only requires the installer to step along each deck panel to click it securely into place. Pre-installed, heavy duty plastic Step-Clip strips not only connect the decking with the support joists, they also provide a uniformed 3/16” space between each deck board.

Lastly, the Duralife Step Clip system also helps deck builders save time by allowing crews to continuously install new composite decking without waiting for custom cut boards to be measured and installed. When customization is necessary, the composite boards can be installed after the majority of the standard sized panels are in place.

Make Every Minute Count. Then Build it to Last.

From the moment of the first spring thaw until the ground freezes over again in winter, deck builders are constantly looking at the clock and the calendar – trying to get ‘just one more job’ on the books for the year  Once the snow finally does fall this winter, take some time to look back on what you and your team was able to accomplish in 2018.  By carefully evaluating each step in the process – and considering different ways of completing each task – you may discover a few simple adjustments that could make 2019 your most productive building season yet!

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