DuraLife™ Unveils Revolutionary Step-Clip™ Fastening System


BIDDEFORD, Maine - October 12, 2017 - DuraLife™, a leading manufacturer of durable composite decking and railing products, will introduce Step-Clip™, the company’s new, groundbreaking and patent pending hidden fastening system for deck installation to builders, contractors and distributors at the R|D|J 2017 show in Nashville at the end of October. The new proprietary hidden fastening system, that works with all DuraLife grooved decking products, reduces deck installation time up to 50 percent, making it easier for contractors to assemble decks more efficiently and with less labor costs, ultimately increasing their bottom line. To see how the new revolutionary Step-Clip system works visit the DuraLife Booth (#1444) or www.duralifedecking.com.

Caleb Eulitt, owner of C.E. Builders based in Scarborough, Maine, recently had the opportunity to install a deck using the new patent pending hidden fastening system. According to Eulitt, “The Step-Clip system solves an issue I face each season – not enough time. Step-Clip will allow me to install a deck 50% faster depending on its size, which means I have more time to spend on other decks and make more money.”

DuraLife has a long history of product innovation including being an early adopter of polypropylene-based composite decking technology before composite decking was truly a trend. “Innovation at DuraLife has always been driven by feedback from contractors and customers, and that inspires us to design products that help solve problems and are easier to work with,” said Steve Hanscom, Product Development Engineer at DuraLife. “It took a year of development and testing to bring Step-Clip to the market, but for contractors it means that they can now install decking faster, improve efficiency on each job, and complete more jobs with reduced labor costs each year – all things that impact their bottom line.”

How it Step-Clip Works

Step-Clip is a patent pending, proprietary, easy-to-install hidden fastening system that features 1-5/8-inch wide and 23-inch long polypropylene interlocking strips that will accommodate four deck boards each. To install, align the tabs on the Step-Clip strips to the joist and then secure them with a roofing nail gun or hammer. No screws are needed. Place the nails on either side of the clips about ¾ of an inch from each clip. Once the strips are in place, add the boards by inserting one side into the clip and then stepping on the other edge to lock it securely into place. When properly installed, the Step-Clip hidden fastening system provides a seamless, solid, and secure connection between DuraLife decking and the framing system.

The Step-Clip hidden fastening system also covers the width of the joist and serves as a joist protector, shielding it from water damage, rot, and decay; thereby eliminating the need for joist protection tape. The system automatically spaces boards appropriately, without the need for spacers or detailed measuring. Step-Clip will be available in boxes of 25 and 75 strips and can be ordered with or without roofing nail coils. Step-Clip will be available through lumber yards and other retail building distributor channels in early November. 

There are five primary benefits of the patent pending Step-Clip hidden fastening system including:

  • Faster Installation Time: Contractors will be able to cut their installation time by as much as 50%.
  • Easier Installation: The installation process is simple using a roofing nail gun or hammer, to install the strips on the joist. Then snap the boards into the clip and using your weight, (simply walk across the board to snap them into place) or with a non-marring rubber mallet; creating a seamless, solid, and secure connection.
  • More Flexibility: During the installation process, moving boards and making changes to the pattern to ensure that the variegated hardwoods appearance is aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner requires less effort. And if a deck board is ever damaged, it is easy to cut it out and replace it without having to remove any fasteners.
  • Increase the Bottom Line: Because of reduced installation time and labor costs, contractors can potentially install twice as many decks in a season or year, adding significantly to their bottom line. Additionally, there is no need to delay the installation crew for special cut boards to fit around posts, picture-frame or divider boards. Crews can cut and install these boards after all other decking is installed.
  • Easier on the Installer: The contractor spends less time on their hands and knees during deck board installation compared to traditional methods.

“After months and months of development and testing, it’s truly exciting to unveil Step-Clip,” said Hanscom. “We believe Step-Clip will truly change the decking industry making installation faster, easier, and more profitable for contractors. It will be a win-win for the contractor, and make deck installation a snap.”

Currently, DuraLife’s patent-pending design works with all DuraLife grooved deck boards. The company has patented similar versions of Step-Clip for other leading decking brands and plans to introduce them in the near future. 

About DuraLife™ Decking and Railing

DuraLife™ brand products are manufactured by Integrity Composites, LLC, a leading supplier of composite decking, railing, and dock planks. The company operates a 100,000 square-foot manufacturing and warehouse facility in Biddeford, Maine, and its products are sold throughout the U.S. and internationally. For more information www.duralifedecking.com or (800) 866-8101.