Marketing Tips to Build Your Composite Decking Business


Let’s face it, once you’ve built 25, 35 or 40 custom composite decks, the muscle memory of planning, preparing and constructing is pretty much established. That’s not to say that there won’t be new site-specific, logistical challenges that will need to be addressed, but at some point, part of the focus of a business owner must begin to shift from being entirely focused on the job at hand to securing the next one. Much like the great work you complete for homeowners, a lot of what makes one contractor more successful than another one is what happens behind the scenes.

Fortunately, there’s a practice that can help construction companies ‘work harder’ throughout the year that requires much less heavy lifting then most workers are required to do on the job site.

Building the Digital Components of a Solid Marketing Plan

A few short decades ago, in order for a business of any type to be ‘found’ it was necessary for them to be listed in the Yellow Pages. Back then, if someone was looking for a company to come and paint their house or build a new deck, they’d ‘let their fingers do the walking’ to find a listing of names and phone numbers for nearby contractors who offered those services. Of course, today, people don’t search through a book to find information. For better or worse, the Internet has become the primary source of information for virtually every aspect of life. Even when it comes to referalls and word of mouth – much of that interaction occurs online, via review sites and social media pages. That’s why having an online presence is critical for any business to remain ‘in the game’.

While there are numerous options for businesses to market themselves online, the foundational element that supports all of these activities is the company website. In the same way that digging holes to install proper footings below a new deck can be a simple (yet critical) first step, creating an attractive, functional website provides contractors with a strong, stable base that they can work from.

Building a Better Web Marketing Foundation 

Unlike even the most dedicated employee or seemingly tireless entrepreneur, a well-designed website is always working to attract, inform and motivate prospective customers to inquire about the types of construction services your company can provide. By incorporating web marketing techniques, such as writing descriptive copy that helps readers and the online search engines (Google and Bing) understand who you are and what you do, building your website the right way will help to move you up in the search rankings. This becomes increasingly important during the so-called shoulder seasons early in the spring and later in the fall when demand for many outdoor construction projects begins to slow down.

In addition to writing good quality copy that describes the business and its services, another great way to present your qualifications to customers is by adding high quality, professional photos highlighting past projects. If you don’t have the resources to hire a pro, spend some time researching the best methods for photographing outdoors. Given the power of most of the camera phones on the market today, even a novice can capture some beautiful images by following a few simple rules when it comes to lighting, composition and framing your photo.

Adding Finishing Touches with Social Media and Email

Don’t make the mistake that some businesses make and rely solely on one social media platform as your main source of customer acquisition and marketing efforts. Once you have built a strong online marketing foundation with your business website, then you can add other online channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email marketing. Think of your website as the hub at the center of a wagon wheel and these channels represent the spokes. These spokes lead back to the website; your “home” for all of your web marketing efforts.

As with any sales and marketing endeavor, success favors the prepared mind. Identify the unique and similar characteristics of your most likely customer, understand the motivating factors that will cause them to take the action you want, communicate these messages to the audience you are trying to reach and then respond immediately to any and all inquiries about your services. More qualified leads generated by your well-built online marketing efforts will lead to more composite decking projects and revenue for your business.

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