Decorative Screen Panels Add Privacy and Style to Your Deck


Composite decks are increasingly becoming the norm around the country. These high quality, low maintenance, longer lasting materials are allowing people to spend more time accessorizing their decks instead of painting and staining them.

Today, consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to creating a truly unique outdoor living space. They’re reaching out to outdoor design consultants with requests to not only beautify what’s underfoot, but what’s in their sightline as well.

Surround Yourself in Your Outdoor Oasis

One way these pros are able to add both privacy and visual interest to an outdoor living area is by adding Decorative Screen Panels. Designed and built to weather any weather, decorative panels provide elements of style with a purpose – privacy – for both you and your neighbors.

These distinctive and attractive, yet functional outdoor deck accessories are the perfect way to add privacy, reduce noise, wind or solar exposure to your backyard oasis.  As a longer lasting alternative to lattice, decorative screens made from polypropylene are easy to install as a single element, stacked or layered to form larger design elements. Sturdy yet elegant, Decorative Screen Panels are easy to install in the matching, powder coated aluminum frames.

The Perfect Complement to Composite Decks 

Throughout the country, adding or renovating a deck with composite decking remains a very popular investment for homeowners.  That's because well-designed and well-built outdoor living spaces not only enhance the lifestyle and entertaining options for their current owner, they also add value to the property. Outdoor features, such as a tastefully designed, highly functional composite deck, will retain its nearly universal appeal much longer than other types of home improvement projects. 

Decorative Panels in a Variety of Styles

Available in colors and styles to match practically any outdoor design, DuraLife Decorative Screen Panels are constructed of weatherproof polypropylene material, ensuring years of low-maintenance performance. Unlike traditional wooden lattice, composite screens will not warp, rot or fall apart over time. 

Easy to install

Available in 2’ x 4’ sections from DuraLife®, decorative screens can be installed both vertically or horizontally -- along the base of a composite deck, or using a high-quality frame kit built specifically for the purpose. Given the size of the panels, it only takes a few to create a sense of privacy and seclusion on your new deck, porch or outdoor patio. 

Designs range from traditional to modern and colors are made to complement any outdoor theme with natural to neutral tones in white, black, and multiple shades of grey.

DuraLife’s Decorative Screen Panels are made from polypropylene plastic at twice the thickness of most outdoor lattice. The textured matte finish is durable and can also be painted for a truly custom look.

A Versatile Solution for Any Size Deck

Nearly every homeowner craves the benefits that a private outdoor oasis can provide. That goes for people with a lot of room to work with and those who may live in an area with minimal available space or no traditional backyard at all.

As a result, contractors are building decks in non-traditional spaces, including rooftops and as freestanding outdoor retreats. Driven by the increased availability of high-quality, reasonably costed, low maintenance and moisture resistant composite materials - complete with complimentary privacy panels - homeowners are creating personal outdoor retreats that require little upkeep. 

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