Introducing Our New Composite Decking Custom Length Program


Elaborate, non-standard size decks and outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly common, which is great for contractors, except that decking materials – including the composite decking and PT lumber that supports it – still typically come in standard size lengths.

As a long-time manufacturer and supplier of high-quality composite decking products, DuraLife® has seen first-hand how the need for custom cuts on a job site can add cost and slow the project down immensely. So, we decided to fix that with our new Custom Length Program.

Why Pay More for What You Don't Need?

Sure, each new cut only takes seconds, but all that measuring can add up quickly – almost as quickly as the cost of all the extra linear feet that are being discarded.

We’ve all experienced the slowdown that can occur when the job foreman has to take the time to measure (twice) for all of the non-standard composite decking boards that need to be installed after the bulk of the other decking has been installed. Filling in the pieces after most of the deck has been built has been the necessary reality in the past because contractors were either unwilling or unable to cut into their margins to afford adding multiple cost-per-cut expenses. But now, contractors can pre-order any number of boards between 6’ and 24’ long in any color and style of DuraLife’s Siesta, MVP, Square-Edge or Dock Board composite decking on orders of more than 750 ln ft. at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

That’s right – completely free custom cuts on orders over 750 ln ft. Not only does this speed up installation time, it also reduces the amount of wasted material that will inevitably litter a job site during a customized deck construction project. While those 2’, 3’, or 4’ pieces will undoubtedly be cleaned up, the fact remains that all of that wasted material was paid for by the customer.

Today contractors can place orders with DuraLife complete with the exact number of custom cut composite decking boards they’ll need for the job.

Additional Savings for Multi-Unit Projects

Where the added convenience and cost savings really add up is on multi-unit projects that feature multiple decks with identical dimensions. For example, a contractor building the same type of deck for multiple buildings in a condo complex or multi-unit apartment complexes can easily save both time and money by delivering exactly the right number of pre-cut decking boards to each site.

When combined with other time-saving DuraLife decking features such as the DuraLife Step-Clip® hidden fastener system, deck builders will be able to complete jobs faster then ever before. Installed with a roofing nail gun or hammer, the unique Step-Clip system uses the weight of the builder to simply snap boards in place by walking across them. And, because the DuraLife Step-Clip system is also designed to create a uniform 3/16" (4.8mm) space between each piece of decking, there’s no time wasted moving spacers from one course to the next. This also allows DuraLife decking to be laid out in advance to ensure that the appearance of the variegated hardwood design is appealing to the homeowner.

Growth Market Encourages Contractors to Find Efficiencies

According to the research firm Principia, the U.S. residential decking market, which was valued at $3.1 billion in 2018, will grow 6.5 percent annually in value by 2021. The report also found that composite decking installations have now surpassed pressure-treated wood deck construction in the northeast.

With more and more outdoor living spaces being constructed with composite boards that require little maintenance and stand up to all types of weather better than natural wood, now could be the right time for deck builders to make the switch – for good.

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