Using Your Under-Deck Space for Storage


Decks are meant to be lived on, and not under. However, an elevated deck could afford you not only great views, but storage space, too. Not all decks will come with room for storing your outdoor belongings beneath your feet, but those that do have their perks. If you have never considered the difference an open vs. closed under deck could make when it comes to storage, consider the benefits, plus how to use the space wisely.

Open vs. Closed Under Deck

Before deciding whether a closed under deck is right for you, it’s important to know the benefits of each style.

Open under-deck space allows you to see what’s going on down there. If your home is located in a rural area, for instance, it may be smart to leave the under deck open so that you can see what’s going on under there when needed. Additionally, an open under deck allows for easy access to anything you may need that is attached to your home, such as a hose or faucet, outlets, and more. And if your yard is on the smaller side, an open under deck could create a more spacious look by allowing your eye to continue past the deck, rather than being cut off by a wall of lattice. Furthermore, an open under deck could make yard work much easier since your lawn mower and trimmer don’t have to stop at the screen.

On the other hand, a closed under deck may allow you to prevent things from getting under your deck. With lattice and Decorative Screen Panels (more on that below), you’ll be able to keep animals (and people!) out and all of your belongings in, while still looking stylish. Seasonal items like deck furniture and pool floats, as well as yard equipment and tools can easily be stored under your deck for easy access when needed. And don’t forget about privacy—instead of keeping things out in the open, they’ll be securely stored away for safe keeping. While an open under deck does allow for easy access to a faucet or outlet that may be attached to your home, you can still access these details with a closed under deck—they’ll just be behind a screen.

Under-Deck Space: Functional and Stylish

The main perk of under-deck space is that it’s additional storage space for your home. Chairs that don’t fit in the garage? Put them under the deck. No shed for lawn equipment? Put it under the deck. The space is perfect for storing items you just don’t have the room for, allowing you to enjoy a more organized home and yard. Just keep in mind that the deck won’t be waterproof, so wet weather could impact your items stored there.

Even better, a closed under deck allows you to get more creative with your deck. Lattice and Decorative Screen Panels both offer a stylish design that can accentuate your yard while still concealing your items.


Lattice is the more inexpensive option of the two. It offers a creative camouflage for your personal belongings, but still allows air flow. DuraLife’s lattice is made of plastic and not wood which means it lasts longer. It resists warping and splitting, and won’t rot. There’s no need for sanding, staining, or painting either, which is perfect for a low-maintenance deck. With a variety of colors and design patterns, there are many options to choose from.

Decorative Screen Panels (DSPs)

A stylish upgrade to traditional lattice, Decorative Screen Panels (DSPs) offer design versatility—they can be installed horizontal or vertical. DuraLife’s DSPs also have a unique composition, which means low thermal expansion and contraction. They’re paintable and come in a variety of patterns to easily complement your outdoor living space aesthetic.

The Final Verdict on a Closed Under Deck

A closed under deck isn’t right for everyone, but it can offer a level of security for your personal items, storage space, and a chance to add even more style to your yard. Before utilizing the space, make sure your deck is built with the right support to prevent it from settling, and consider ways to waterproof it to prevent flooding and other water-related damage. With the right support and design, a closed under deck allows you to use otherwise wasted space in smart ways. If you’re ready to upgrade your deck and add more space and storage to your home, browse DuraLife’s product brochure now.