Product Care Guide

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General Cleaning

Dry sweep as needed, wash with warm, soapy water & sponge.

Mold & Mildew Removal

Warm, soapy water & sponge (laundry detergent without bleach is best)

Grease Stains

Warm, soapy water & sponge (laundry detergent without bleach is best), alcohol wipes for spot cleaning

Rust Stains

Warm, soapy water & sponge (laundry detergent without bleach is best)

Construction Marks & Adhesives

Isopropyl Alcohol & rag or nylon bristle brush.

Minor Scratches or Scuff Marks

The appearance of minor surface scratches or scuffs should diminish after a few months of exposure to the weather and elements. For larger scratches or scuffs, a heat gun (available at most building products or hardware stores) may be used to carefully heat and blend the blemished portion of the polypropylene cap material into the adjacent deck surface area. Note: The tip of the heat gun should never be placed closer than 2 inches from the deck surface and should be in continuous motion so as not to permanently damage the surface of the deck board. Do not lay the heat gun on the decking after use.

Deep Gouges or Cuts

Check with your local building products or paint supplier for recommendations on how to fill-in and repair a deep gouge or cut. You may also replace the damaged section of the board. (Please refer to our Product Care video above for instructions on how to remove a damage deck board and replace it with a new one.)


DuraLife's semi-gloss surface will weather to a natural matte finish over time. color variation occurs naturally during the manufacturing process and should be expected. When exposed to the elements, color variation due to weathering may be uneven because of exposure to different amounts of sunlight.

Bird Droppings

Wash with warm, soapy water & sponge.

Snow Removal

Only use a plastic edge shovel.

Ice Removal

Use ice/snow melt that will not stain or damage.